Cheerleaders serve as support groups within the youth program and play a very important role in the administration of athletic/activities contests. Each team should strive to boost team spirit, promote good sportsmanship, develop good, positive crowd involvement and help participants and spectators achieve a worthwhile experience.

Being one of the most visible and recognizable representatives of our youth program, cheerleaders are in a position of great influence; therefore, high standards of conduct are essential. Positive behavior will help earn the respect of the fans, which is the core of developing effective youth program spirit and fan involvement.

Cheerleader activities should center on "leading" or "directing" the cheering of the student and adult fans. In this role, cheerleaders can become the youth program's most effective leaders. These activities should be focused on: creating a cooperative spirit among the cheerleaders, athletes, youth organizations, and the communities; recognizing outstanding plays and examples of good sportsmanship on the part of both teams, and aiding the program and game officials in the promotion of good sportsmanship and in the administration of the contest. Performing is a secondary role of cheerleader groups and can effectively promote team spirit when included at appropriate times during contests and events.

Cheerleading has evolved to include competition as athletes. Participants must condition, practice and warm up the same as other athletes in preparation for a performance. Competition should be a secondary consideration for cheerleaders unless designated as being a purely competitive team.

Competition requires the development of physical skills, performed in a choreographed routine. Hilhi Youth Football Association and its appointed athletic coaches comply with the rules of the Oregon Schools Activity Association (OSAA), Oregon Cheerleading Coaches Association (OCCA), American Association of Cheerleading Coaches and Administrators (AACCA), Tualatin Valley Youth Football League (TVYFL), Hillsboro Youth Football Association (HYFA), the American Youth Football League (AYFL) and the National Federation of State High School Associations Spirit Rules Book (NFHS).

If competitive cheer is permitted as part of the youth program's activities, it should be placed in perspective with the total youth program, and should not interfere with the primary responsibility of the cheerleader, which is to support the youth athletic program. Competitive cheer should serve to develop leadership, confidence and skill.