Flag Parent Contract

1. Let the coach do the coaching. Pressuring and/or sideline coaching leads to a negative experience for your child as well as the other participants and it is confusing to the players and complicates the coach’s job. Instructing your child to not follow the coach’s direction will not be tolerated.

2. The use of or being under the influence of tobacco products, alcoholic beverages or other intoxicants is prohibited on school property; this includes Hare Field.

3. Use of profanity and abusive language is strictly prohibited.

4. Obnoxious behavior will not be tolerated at any Hilhi Youth Football Association event. This includes, but is not limited to, yelling at the coaches, players (including your child) or expressing your dislike in a verbally loud manner. Anyone displaying this behavior will be asked to leave. If you do not leave immediately after being asked the police will be summoned to handle the incident, which is now a violation of Oregon law.

5. Parents must remain behind the flag ropes during scrimmages or games. If your child is injured, someone will call you down.

6. Practice is essential and it is important that all players participate in all practices and that they arrive on time. Athletes must notify their coaches if they are unable to attend practice.a.

7. Do not criticize an opposing team, its players, coaches or fans verbally or by gesture.

8. Do not harass, verbally attack or berate the referees.

9. Please do not use cheerleading as a disciplinary tool. Doing so penalizes the whole team.

10. If you desire to talk with a coach, make an appointment or send an email with your concern. DO NOT approach the coach or coaching staff on game-day or during practice.

11. Courtesy is required in all verbal and written communication. Do not criticize, harass or verbally attack any coach or member of HYFA. Doing so will result in immediate suspension.

12. Players are expected to wear the proper uniform to games.  This includes game jersey, black shorts, and mouth-guard.  Players without mouth-guard will not be permitted to play.

13. Involved parents are vital to the success of Hilhi Youth Football. Each team will need many volunteers to step forward in various roles to help make our program a success. To ensure even distribution, we are requiring a minimum of 2 hours of volunteer work per family.

Discipline Policy

Purpose: To define a consistent policy to deal with player and parent discipline 

Policy: It is expected that all HYF players be on their best behavior when at a HYF event or when wearing a HYF uniform or Jersey. 


Attendance: Players are expected to be on time to all HYF events. Tardiness and Absence has negative consequences for the entire team. 

  • Late/Absent from 1 practice: Will not start next game 
  • Late/Absent 2 practices: Will not play in the next game 

Bad language: Players are expected to refrain for any abusive or foul language, while treating others with respect at all times. 

  • 1st event: Warning 
  • 2nd event: Field discipline, running, up-downs 
  • 3rd event: Will not start next game 
  • Future events: Treated with progressive discipline 

Talking Back to Coaching Staff: Players are expected to treat the coaching staff with respect at all times. 

  • 1st event: Field discipline, running, up-downs 
  • 2nd event: Will not start next game
  • Future events: Treated with progressive discipline 

Fails to Follow Safety Rules: Players are expected to follow safety rules at all times. 

  • 1st event: Warning 
  • 2nd event: Retraining 
  • 3rd event: Loss of starting position 
  • Future events: Suspension 

Fighting, intentionally hurting another player: Players are expected to treat one another with respect and to keep their hands to themselves. This includes on the field. 

  • 1st event: Warning, suspension 
  • 2nd event: Removal from HYF (board action required) 

Other Infractions: Players are expected to treat one another with respect and use the golden rule as guidance. HYF has no tolerance for repeated bad behavior.

We break down events into the following categories: 

  • Minor Event: Field Discipline (running, up-downs, etc.) Will not start next game Warning Loss of position Game suspensions 
  • Major Event: Game suspensions Removal from HYF (board action required) 



Parent Conduct: Parents are expected to be supportive and maintain excellent behavior at all times. 


Minor Event:

  • Excessive exuberance during practice or games
  • Bad Language
  • Negative comments from the stands or sidelines 

Major Event:

  • Approaching the coaching staff during the game
  • Tobacco or Alcohol in the stands or practice fields
  • Being under the influence of Drugs/Alcohol
  • Arguing with officials or coaches 

Fighting Discipline: 

Minor Event:

  • Warning

  • Game suspensions 

Major Event:

  • Removal from field Game suspensions

  • Removal of parent and player from HYF (board action required) Arrest and trespass violation issued