Get Sponsored!

New this season! 

Players have the opportunity to get their fees covered through a business sponsorship! Sponsorships are a great way to involve our community, support each other, and offset safety equipment costs for all our players.

Options Sponsor Benefits Player Benefits

SILVER Sponsor - $400


- 2'x3' Banner at Hare Field

- Website Ad

- Game Day Shoutouts

- Email & Social Media Shoutouts

- Tackle Fee Covered

- Spartan Beanie

GOLD Sponsor - $600

- 4'x6' Banner at Hare Field

- Logo on all Association Emails

- Game Day Shoutouts

- Email & Social Media Shoutouts

- Tackle Fee & Fundraising Requirement Covered

- Spartan Varsity Jacket

Businesses who sponsor will receive a thank you letter with our tax id. Sponsor funds are tax-deductible as permitted by law. 

Go to  for the Sponsorship Letter and Form. 

If your player will be sponsored, select: “Player is Sponsored” on the registration options page. 

Sponsorship form and funds must be received before a player can be issued equipment. Thus, they are due by Equipment Handout on August 1st/6th. If, for some reason, sponsors funds are not received, parents are responsible for the $400 total registration cost in order for the player to participate.