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Tackle Coach Information

Team Coach Contact
3/4 Blue Jose (Ziggy) Ortiz
3/4 White Matt Best
5/6 Blue Mark Ancheta
5/6 White David Fay
7/8 Merick Brown

Team Formation

Our goal is to create equally competitive teams. Teams consist of combined 3/4th graders, 5th/6th graders, Junior Varsity and Varsity teams. HYFA does not hold tryouts. Head Coaches will participate in a selection process designed to create teams of equal experience, size, and skill levels. TVYFL dictates that all teams must be equal in the number of players (within one) from each grade level. Unfortunately, this requires that a player might be moved from one team to another during pre-season due to players relocating, quitting or the possibility of injury. This movement of players is our most difficult task, but no team roster is officially final until league verification night in early September.